Vartiosaari Artists Open Studio Event!

We want to welcome you to celebrate the end of this wonderful and warm summer with us on the magical Vartiosaari island on saturday 27th of August. We have recently become an official association Vartiosaari Artists Ry and this event will welcome our new members of the association and it will be a launching of our new project space.

Vartiosaari artists house is a place for artists to think and to produce work.

Currently there are 11 artists working in the house. In 2022 Vartiosaari Artists Ry started to organize workshops and events for the public and the Open studios will be an ongoing support event to secure the future of the Artist house.

We will host an exhibition, video screening, garden gathering, artist talk, music, and a food kiosk with the focus on organic vegan food with a blueberry theme 🙂

There will also be a small bazaar with artworks and self-published books , from which the sales will support the artist house project space.

Below you can find a more detailed program. Please note that for some events, we would love you to register in advance.


11-13 Garden sharing circle – Nourishing our bodies with a garden.

Monika Czyzyk is inviting all garden enthusiasts for a moment of reflection in her secret garden on the rock. Together with Agnieszka Różyńska they will lead a conversation around our experiences with reimagined gardens. We would try to activate all our senses and think about the garden from various directions and perspectives including: Activating senses, multispecies communication, spiritual world, and imagination. The conversation will be surrounded by clay objects and cyanotype prints made by Monika Czyzyk and video by Torsten Zenas Burns.

For this session we would love you to confirm your participation. Please write to Monika at czyzyk.monika  (at)


Exhibition in the Project space and outdoor locations with works by Jessica Bogush, Anna Matveinen, Amanda Lono, Salome Rajanti, Monika Czyzyk, and Torsten Zenas Burns.

Screening in the basement studio : Monika Czyzyk – Bamboocene: I want to build a rocket, 78 min, 4K video, 2021

Screening outdoors and indoors: Torsten Zenas Burns – G.A.R.D.E.N. 12 min, HDvideo, 2022.

Food Kiosk with master chef Jakub Bobrowski.

Fishing in the secret pond by Oskari Ruuska.

Bazaar – Artworks and self-published books (Payment with cash or mobile pay, some of the profit goes to the maintenance of the new project space)

Participatory experience by Synes. ”I’m doing a participatory experience where visitors can choose something from my dopamine menu, things that help me feel more embodied and calm.”

16:00 Music in the Project space: Ignata Elana (live set), Ruusu


Directions to Vartiosaari island / Artist house.

BUSES 86 + 89 from Herttoniemi. Walk till the end of Reposalmentie 1 road where you will arrive at the dock.


Taiteilijatalo, Artist House, from Reposalmentie 1 you can take the Sun ferry,

 Aurinkolautta aloitti 7.5.2022! – Tervetuloa keväiseen Vartiosaareen! (

Ticket price: *r/t price for ferry tickets is 5e.

The ferry stops running back to Reposalmentie 1 dock at 19:00.

Link to telegram, facebook :